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Lawn Care

At Turf Pro Plus, Inc., we have decades of experience fertilizing and caring for lawns. We know precisely the right amount of fertilizer and weed control your yard needs. Our lawn care program is customized specifically for the growing season in Cincinnati and the surrounding areas.

Weed Control

The most annoying part about yard maintenance is, by far, the weeds. You never seem to be rid of them all, and they can pop up overnight. Stop wasting your precious free time and breaking your back, pulling weeds. Our weed control applications help ensure your lawn is weed-free all season long.

Additional Services

Over fifty years of combined experience has taught us that not all lawns are the same, and some might even require other services that are not included in our traditional lawn care program. For all your lawn care issues, we offer a variety of services to enhance the beauty of your lawn.

Cities We Serve Near You

Cincinnati, Ohio

At Turf Pro Plus Inc., we always think of the customer first. We like to educate our customers so that they can take preventative steps to keep their Cincinnati lawns strong and healthy, not to mention keep money in your wallets.


Lawn Care in Ross, OH With over 50 years of combined experience, the lawn care experts at Turf Pro Plus know what it takes to create the perfect outdoor spaces for making memories. Our years of experience have made us very familiar with the problems and pests that face lawns in Ross, Ohio. Our services... Read more »

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