Prepare Your Lawn for Fall

With summer wrapping up, many people think lawn care is wrapping up too. Often, when summer is over, people see less lawn care workers out and about and tend to think that it means there is nothing to be done for our lawns until spring rolls around. Fortunately, that’s not the case, and it shows in your yard when you take this into account. 

Turf Pro Plus is diving into actions you can take to ensure that your lawn is healthy year-round rather than just in the summer. Actually, ensuring lawn health all year leads to an even brighter and fuller lawn in the summer.

Fertilize, Fertilize, Fertilize! 

You probably feel like you’ve heard this over and over again from all of your lawn care experts, but it really is the best thing you can do for your lawn at any time of the year. Of course, this includes ensuring that you’re using the right fertilizer at the right time, but nevertheless, it’s an important part of year-round lawn care. Here in Ohio, fertilizing around October and November are prime times to create a healthy lawn for the fall. This schedule will allow your cool-season grass to develop more fully in the spring and summer. 

Build a Full Turf 

It can be easy to feel like if your yard has some brown spots or patchy areas that there’s no reason behind fixing it now if snow is about to take over the yard anyways. But in reality, what happens is turf ends up getting worse and patchier over the winter, causing it to come back worse than before, costing more of your time and money to fix. By seeding late in the season, your turf will be able to flourish before the snow comes, and it will come back even better in the summer. 

Get Ready to Aerate

Aeration is necessary for soil to gather up the nutrients needed to grow properly. There’s no point in watering and fertilizing your lawn regularly if it’s not equipped to accept the nutrients that those actions provide. After having your lawn aerated, it will need some time to adjust and get back to normal, so it’s best to begin doing this to your cool-season grass well in advance. Aeration should always be combined with overfertilizing to make sure that your turf will thrive.

Need Help? Let Turf Pro Plus Prepare Your Lawn for Fall!

The experts here at Turf Pro Plus know what your lawn needs. We know that with summer coming to a close, there’s a lot going on and our clients still deserve the best lawn care, even right before the snow closes in. 

With our lawn care experts, we can aerate, fertilize, and overseed your lawn so that you can prepare for an even better turf next year! During this crazy time, it’s nice to know that Turf Pro Plus will be there for every client to aid in creating a space that everyone can enjoy. 

Clients can contact us at 513-545-6295 or fill out a form on our contact page. You can even keep up with us on our Facebook page.

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