Lawn Care and Pest Control in Cincinnati

Cincinnati is a vibrant city with many indoor and outdoor activities for its residents, no matter where their interests lie. However, its climate adds to the challenge of maintaining and perfecting green spaces, including your yard. Making your yard shine takes dedication and commitment. At Turf Pro Plus, we have the expertise to maintain your property and make it a showpiece while you relax and enjoy the city you love.

Even though Turf Pro Plus has only been serving the greater Cincinnati area for eight years, our owners have over five decades of combined lawn care experience. We have honed our skills working for many of the big-name companies and are now able to offer that knowledge to you with the personalized flair and customer service of a local company.

Our services include:

  • Lawn care
  • Weed control
  • Aeration and overseeding
  • Grub control
  • Pest control
  • And more!

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Fertilization in Cincinnati

We have designed our 6-step lawn care program to maximize your turf’s potential. Our balanced fertilizer applications are designed to provide the proper nutrients for each stage of your yard’s growing season. They are a mixture of granular and liquid products and are tailored to quickly attach themselves to the soil to minimize runoff during storms.

Weed Control in Cincinnati

There are very few weeds that are not persistent.  They need to be to survive. When mixed in with your grass, they ruin the uniform appearance of your yard and steal resources from your turf. The most common weeds in Southwest Ohio include:

  • Crabgrass
  • Dandelions
  • Plantain
  • Nutsedge
  • Thistle
  • Other broadleaf weeds

In addition to the pre-and post-emergent treatments that we include as part of our lawn care program, the best way to control weeds is to prevent them from growing. This includes maintaining a thick and healthy lawn by mowing at the correct height for your turf, sharpening your mower blades, and effective watering and fertilization practices.

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Lawn Aeration and Seeding in Cincinnati

If your grass begins to look drab and lifeless despite an effective lawn care program, or there is standing water for no apparent reason, you probably have compacted soil or a heavy layer of thatch. Fortunately, our experienced lawn care technicians at Turf Pro Plus have a solution for you. The core aeration process involves punching through thatch and soil and removing material to loosen up the soil around the roots of your grass. It is beneficial to add lawn seeding at the same time to fill in bare spots, especially in the fall, as conditions are ideal for growth.

The benefits of aeration and lawn seeding include:

  • An increase in grassroots access to water, air, and nutrients.
  • Improvement in water drainage.
  • Increased germination of grass seeds.
  • A lusher, healthier lawn with increased resistance to pests and disease.

group of carpenter ants on table

group of carpenter ants on table

Grub and Perimeter Pest Control

First-rate lawn care wouldn’t be complete without treatment for grubs and other surface insects that can destroy your turf. In addition, the reduction of common pests outdoors reduces the chance that they will join your family inside.

Grub Control in Cincinnati

There are many common lawn pests in Cincinnati, but the one that strikes terror in the heart of homeowners city-wide is the grub. These c-shaped larvae of June bugs and Japanese beetles can quickly decimate your grass roots and cause all sorts of critters to dig up your lawn to feast on them. Surface insects, such as chinch bugs, sod webworms, and billbugs, can contribute to the demise of your yard. Turf Pro Plus has a one-time Surface Insect and Grub Control treatment that will protect your property from these invaders for the entire year!

Protect your lawn from destruction by ravenous pests. Contact Turf Pro Plus today to see what your options are!

Perimeter Pest Control in Cincinnati

It doesn’t take much for pests to move into your home uninvited. There is all the food, shelter, and water that they need. Our perimeter pest control program uses a liquid barrier around your house to stop bugs in their tracks and prevent entry into your home. We protect your home and family from:

  • Ants
  • Earwigs
  • Spiders
  • Centipedes
  • Other crawling insects
  • And many more!

Are you looking for personalized lawn care from experienced professionals? If so, contact Turf Pro Plus today and see how we can bring your lawn from mediocre to magnificent.

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Some of the Services We Provide in Cincinnati

Additional Services

Over fifty years of combined experience has taught us that not all lawns are the same, and some might even require other services that are not included in our traditional lawn care program. For all your lawn care issues, we offer a variety of services to enhance the beauty of your lawn.

Lawn Care

At Turf Pro Plus, Inc., we have decades of experience fertilizing and caring for lawns. We know precisely the right amount of fertilizer and weed control your yard needs. Our lawn care program is customized specifically for the growing season in Cincinnati and the surrounding areas.

Weed Control

The most annoying part about yard maintenance is, by far, the weeds. You never seem to be rid of them all, and they can pop up overnight. Stop wasting your precious free time and breaking your back, pulling weeds. Our weed control applications help ensure your lawn is weed-free all season long.

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